Thursday, April 24, 2008

At last!

Praise the Lord!

This morning at 11:58 I received a phone call from Travis Torblaa, the guy in charge of insurance and travel stuff, and visas, at World Mission, telling me that my visa and passport are in the World Mission office as we speak and that he is going to over-night them to me by FedEx and that I should receive them tomorrow morning!

So, now the plans to go to the Czech Republic can really get underway. I am so excited. Actually, I can barely believe it. It had gotten to be for me as though it would never happen, as though I would end up sitting around my parents' house and waiting for my papers until the Second Coming. Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad, but the news DID come as a huge shock. That I am actually going to be leaving and SOON! We didn't make any travel plans yet on the phone because I wanted to be able to tell my family and talk it over with them. However, Travis had already requested a sample travel itinerary for this coming Monday. I will NOT be leaving already in 5 days. I told him I thought that I would need at least a week to be fully prepared.

This wonderful news comes on the heels of the first good news about graduate school that my brother has received after waiting, just like me, for months to hear anything from anyone. He has been accepted to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and he just found out yesterday that he is in the top few choices of an academic advisor at Oklahoma State.

There is SO much good news all around in my immediate family right now. My brother, dad, and I have all been in a sort of limbo for a while, and finally Chris and I are hearing something. Hopefully Dad will figure something out for after this summer very shortly as well.

What a wonderful thing it is to know that all that waiting wasn't for nothing, that I am actually going to get to go serve the Lord in the Czech Republic as a missionary and English teacher.

Please pray for me that I will have safe travel and that I will be a useful and effective tool in the hands of the Lord.