Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And let the waiting begin...

God has showed me that He is more amazing than I thought. I apparently didn't have very high expectations. Of course He can do a little thing like raise $11,000 for His work when He owns the whole universe. Of course He can do a little thing like provide me with amazing Christian brothers who want to provide for me in my time of need: He provided for us all in our own most dire time of need as He gave His Son to die for us on the cross. So now I am left with nothing to do but trust Him in His wisdom and timing when it looks as though my much anticipated Czech Visa, paperwork I must have before I can leave for the Czech Republic, isn't going to be ready until the beginning of March. I am praying for several things at this time. I'm praying that He will make it so that I get the visa in January in spite of the 90-day wait period that usually accompanies the preparation of one of these visas, so that I can get to Cesky Tesin soon. My plan B in prayer is that He will work a miracle so the visa doesn't come through until the middle of March so I can go to my dear friend Elise's wedding on March 8th.

Am I really telling the God of the universe that I don't like His timing? It's ridiculous for me to try to tell Him that I know better than He does. But I find myself doing that all the time. I think that I want to be in control because God isn't doing things the way that I would have them done. But I don't really want them done in human fashion. If God did things the way humans wanted, we would be stuck here trying to earn our salvation. Man always tries to work that out on his own, but God knows that man can't fulfill the righteous requirements of the law. And so, even though whether or not my visa gets here when I want doesn't determine my salvation, I have decided to still prefer God's way. Yes, I want to go as soon as possible. Yes, I would also like to wait and go to my friend's wedding. But I want God to do what He wants. After all, I am going to the Czech Republic in the first place because its what God wants. I don't want to abandon His perfect plan just so that I can have things my way. My way is tainted with sin and my desires are wrong, falling so far short of God's perfection.

This wasn't meant to be a sermon, just a way to confess my frustration at being shown yet again that I am not in control. God is good and He has a good plan for my life because of His Son's sacrifice. Since He figured out salvation, I guess I'll leave the visa to Him, too.

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