Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brief Update

It has been a wonderful 8 days here in the Czech Republic. People have started to ask me if I'm homesick, and-- praise the Lord!-- every time my answer has been "no." I think part of the reason for the lack of homesickness is that I have lived for an extended period of time in a foreign country before. Also, I got to speak on Skype with almost my whole family on Sunday. Mostly, however, I believe it's the wonderful people that God has surrounded me with here. Everyone I've met has been fabulous. They all love me. I don't think I've ever felt so welcomed anywhere in my life. This is a wonderful blessing.

I am just about out of time to keep writing, but I wanted to make sure that I wrote about this: I am the first trumpet in the church's brass choir. We've had one rehearsal so far and already one tiny performance. It was a lot of fun. The reason I have to wrap this up so soon is that I am being picked up to go to a neighboring town, Oldrichovice, to do a major rehearsal with that church's brass choir. Apparently they are very good. I can't wait. It is so interesting that I have this wonderful opportunity to participate and use my musical talents for God's glory this far away from home. I am also pretty stoked about the free time that I have to work on my musical ability. I have started practicing a little more on my own for the first time since high school (this is mostly because my lips were COMPLETELY SHOT after our rehearsal and performance on Monday). I'm looking forward to keeping this up!

If you're not praying for China, Burma, and India, please GET ON IT!


P.S. Our music director is Bob Newhart's Czech twin, no kidding! He wasn't as funny as Bob, but he was the spitting image.

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