Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rough Day

Whoever said teaching junior high students is easy was a big, fat liar.


Andrew Lacy said...

That sucks. I'm praying for you to have better days.

Elise said...

i love you!!


more bad news - my work just got a new firewall and they blocked facebook because it supposedly spreads viruses....and they blocked the unblocker websites...

so...let's figure out this email thing, eh?

love you. you're awesome, and GOd is using you, even when the tweens dont respond and you dont feel like it. i mean it. we love you!

Chase said...

Sorry you're having a rough day! Be assured of my prayers. Know that you are doing good work and making a difference, despite the fact that the path may not always be easy.

Kurt Onken said...

Having been a high school teacher (and who has substituted in all grade levels), I feel your pain.