Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sticking Around

Before Christmas I made up my mind that I want to stay in the Czech Republic another year, and God willing, that is what will happen.

I talked about it with Pastor Michal to see what he thought about the possibility. When I had decided that staying is what I wanted to do, I emailed my volunteer coordinator, David, to let him know. All that being said, the ball is now rolling for me to stay here, teaching and telling people about Jesus for another school year. The next steps which much happen are: David must get the go-ahead from Pastor Michal that he in fact wants me to stay for another year. Then, the people in St. Louis have to rustle up some paperwork for me to fill out and must do some number crunching so that I can know what kind of support I will need for the coming school year.

Even though the course of events necessary for me to stay here has begun, it is still possible that I won't be here anymore after August. Yes, I have decided that I want to stay here another year, but I do not know that this will happen. I hope it does. I am praying that it does, that God will provide for me to stay here.

Please join me in praying that God's will be done in this case: if it be for me to stay, good; if it be for me to return home, His will be done.

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