Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Little Things

It's so true that it's the little things in life that bring the most pleasure (or annoyance). Here are some little things that I've experienced or observed recently that have brought me such pleasure (or annoyance).

On Monday I saw a group of high school boys during a school break playing soccer. This was pleasurable because their field was knee-deep in snow. I would never have thought of playing that game in this weather, but they did, and they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. I smiled.

Yesterday at lunchtime I made a batch of chili soup using my mother's recipe. Somehow the 2T of chili powder in the soup ended up to be entirely too much, a problem that never seems to occur when my dad makes it. The little thing about making the soup was the onion. Somehow on my left hand the potent odor of the onion remains, even though 24 hours, which included a shower and several hand-scrubbings, have lapsed. I don't know WHAT is the deal with these onions I bought... erg.

It is so common to see women walking from place to place pushing strollers. Because of the profusion of snow, I imagine that the strollers' wheels fail to do their jobs, so I've seen many women in the last week, instead of pushing strollers, pulling sleds laden with toddlers. It's really cute.

The parish hall here is in a constant state of construction, as part of the building has yet to be renovated from when the building reverted back to the ownership of the church after being a movie theater for many years under the former communist government. Today I am dearly looking forward to the conclusion of the construction, as there has been a constant stream of hammering coming from the "under construction" portion of the building for the past 4 or so hours.

As I was walking back from the preschool on Monday, behind me in an instant I heard a shriek of terror which quickly melted into giggles of delight. I turned around to see a little boy at the bottom of a steep hill seated on a tiny plastic sled at his grandmother's feet, and his father at the top of the hill. I couldn't stop laughing for probably 2 minutes.

Snow update: It's day 7 of the great Snow Siege of February... :D

Please pray for safe travel on the roads this weekend for Pastor Michal and his family as they are driving to Prague for the weekend and there is no sign of the snow stopping any time soon.

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