Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mom and Dad!!!

What a wonderful time the first two weeks of March were! My parents arrived in the Czech Republic on Friday, February 27th and left again on March 14th. In the interim, they came to Trinec to meet my friends, neighbors, and members of the congregation. After Sunday worship and dinner, the three of us took off for a two week tour of the Czech Republic and Germany. We saw beautiful cities, churches, castles, and countryside.

The most interesting things we saw in the Czech Republic included the "bone church" in Sedlec (the interior of which is completely "decorated" in human bones... suffice it to say that they had run out of space in the cemetery),

about 45 minutes east of Prague, Prague castle,

and the beautiful little city of Cesky Krumlov.

In Germany, we spent the majority of our time exploring "Luther Land," and my favorite was Luther's house in Wittenburg,

which was quite possibly the most extensive and fascinating museum I could have hoped for on the life and times of Martin Luther. We also went to Eisenach, the location of Wartburg Castle,

where the Elector, Prince Frederick protected Luther when he was under the Papal Ban, and where Luther spent nearly a year translating the New Testament from Greek to German. Nuremburg's Old City was absolutely enchanting, and we finished up our tour in Munich, going to the Hofbrauhaus and two of Ludwig II's castles, including the world-famous, Neuschwanstein.

Those two weeks were a wonderful time together with my parents, a wonderful spring break for me, and when all of the traveling had come to an end, I was ready to be back in Trinec, refreshed, and ready to dive right back in to teaching and telling people about Jesus.

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elise said...

yay! i am so happy that it was refreshing.