Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Nice Days

I'm not referring to the weather. That has been generally unpleasant: when it's not raining, the factory decides to emit this stench that you wouldn't believe...

I guess this is another case of "small things" in life bringing me joy.

The nice started yesterday when a friend of mine moved to sit by me during church because he thought I looked lost. I have to admit, after not being in Czech-language church for two weeks, it was a little more difficult to understand what was going on. Anyway, it really warmed my heart that I was cared for in my need.

I went for lunch to a nearby restaurant with a friend of mine. She's been here teaching English in the public elementary school (which is in the same building as my Christian elementary school) for a little over a year and she's returning home to Ontario, Canada this coming Monday. We thought it would be good to get together one more time before she left. I've been to this particular restaurant about 5 times now, and always with an English speaking friend, and so the two waitresses have gotten to recognize me. When we walked in and sat down, our waitress came to the table, already with their one English menu. It made me smile so much. The meal with Amanda was good, and we enjoyed a lot of good conversation.

This morning started rough, like most Monday mornings. I always seem to not be able to get ready for the day at the same rate on Mondays as on other days, and always seem to be running behind. That was definitely the case today. So, I left for preschool VERY late, and was blessed with being able to walk there in the wind and rain (I am torn as to my opinion about umbrellas after battling my in the elements this morning). When I arrived, feeling really badly for being so late, and beginning to sweat for having walked so quickly, I was able to rapidly forget my own emotions, when the preschool teacher was busy and one of the little girls broke into tears. It was so wonderful to hug her and whisper to her that it was okay and not to cry.

When I returned home, I had an hour to make chocolate chip cookies for one of my students (her birthday was yesterday) and get on the bus to go to see her in Navsi. I used applesauce instead of shortening, and the cookies turned out SO chewy and moist and wonderful.

The bus ride to Navsi, which is usually uneventful, today was a great joy. I was sitting, reading my book when the bus stopped at the second major stop. A young woman sat down next to me, and asked if she could sit there. I acknowledged her request without really looking at her. Half a moment later, I looked at her, and did a double take. It was my waitress from lunch yesterday. We recognized one another at the same time, and we both started to laugh. As the bus away, she leaned over to me and asked if I'd like anything to drink. I said "no thank you." I resumed reading, but after a page I thought that I needed to talk to her while I had the chance.

It was a delightful ride, with me struggling to use my Czech, with her being so kind and patient with me and encouraging me in my usage. We talked a little bit about traveling, and she shared that she'd been to Spain and so speaks a bit of Spanish, and pretty soon we were having a choppy, trilingual conversation. It was wonderful. I was sad when the bus arrived at my stop, and I wished that I'd had more time to speak with her. I just hope that I run into her again outside of the restaurant. It would be very cool to make friends with her.

The day isn't over yet for me, as I've got my two adult beginner classes yet to go, starting in an hour. Last week I was so glad to see them after being apart from them for such a long time. I hope that this week is as much of a delight as last week was.

Prayer requests:
-praise and thanksgiving for two so delightful days
-for Amanda, that our Father would encounter her and give her faith by the power of His Holy Spirit
-for my waitress-friend, that I would be able to see her again and be able to share Jesus with her
-for my student in Navsi, Eliska, that she would stop denying God's existence and that she would know Jesus
-for H., that God would continue to rescue her from her addiction to dangerous drugs and give her new life through His Son.
-for me, that I would learn discipline during this Lenten season, and that I would be strict with myself in maintaining regular times for prayer and Bible reading; that I would also exhibit discipline in preparing myself for taking the GRE this summer and preparing myself in general for graduate studies when I return to the States.

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elise said...

this sounds fantastic! what a dream come true, to have a trilingual conversation....props!